I chose to work here at the CDTC because I have seen the influence that this therapy has had on the patients who come here and undergo this process with us. Also, how much care and attention go into the dolphins [which for me is also super important] was a big factor in my decision to work here. Thus, to see with how much enthusiasm and love the dolphin trainers attend to the dolphins it was a no-brainer. I have always loved animals so the opportunity to work with these beautiful animals every day and to learn so much about and from them is truly a dream. The therapy style here is so different than what you are using in conventional therapy. The time invested in each patient and the work I see each therapist doing for every single patient is quite remarkable. It is this love and dedication to every individual that really makes a difference here at the CDTC. Being able to document this experience as a part of the Photo & Video department is one way, I contribute to making each experience here unique.