How to apply

How to apply

How to apply for dolphin assisted therapy at CDTC?

You may have found us through a foundation, therapist or physician. It will be of great importance to involve your therapist or doctor in this application process. In case you are interested in applying for our program through a foundation, please feel free to ask us for more information through;

After having discussed the program with your regular doctor or therapist, and received his/her approval, you can easily apply for the dolphin assisted therapy program at CDTC.

  1. Complete and submit the application form;
  2. CDTC will assess the application to establish if the program is suitable and available for the dates requested;
  3. You will receive an answer from us within 14 days of submission of the application.

Step 1: Submitting the Application Form

The application form has two parts:

Download Part 1 of the application form
Part 1 requires information from patients, parents or guardians.

Download Part 2 of the application form
Part 2 requires information from the patient’s main physician (to be filled out and signed by the physician).

The application form requires you to specify the desired time period in which you’d like to participate in the program. Check out the calendar to review our availability. Periods marked with the color red are full and periods marked with the color green still offers available spots. The availability is ongoing up-dated. If your preferred period is full, please do still check with our office if a spot came free due to a cancellation. It will also be possible to be listed on a waitlist for a period that is full already. Contact:
Click here for a complete overview of all therapy periods.

Please complete and sign the forms before submitting them to us.
Feel free to digitally fill out the form and simply scan the final page with your signature. Please submit the forms via email to:

Step 2: Evaluating Your Application

The CDTC team will evaluate your application to see if the dolphin therapy program is the right fit for the patient, and to determine availability for the requested time period. You will be informed via e-mail within 14 days.

Step 3: Our answer

We understand the significant costs and effort involved in coming to Curaçao to participate in the program, and so we carefully asses all applications to objectively determine if the program is the right fit for each patient. If for any reason CDTC thinks that the program would not be suitable for the applicant, we will advise you accordingly, stating the reasons for our decision. If the therapy program is considered suitable for the patient, and there is space available, you will receive confirmation and an invoice, along with further instructions. If the application is accepted, but there is no space available for the requested time period, we will suggest alternative periods.

Need more information? Call + 599 9 461 9886 or send us an e-mail:

Prices, Payments & Policies

We have specified all needed information for you on a page containing our prices, how to make payments and the conditions we use.