Get Familiar

Introductory Therapy Session

Not sure if the Dolphin Assisted Therapy Program is the right fit? Sign up for a 2 hour introductory session to get acquainted with our dolphin assisted therapy. This introductory session is available exclusively for people with special needs or psychological conditions.

Before the day of the session, we will have a brief intake to establish the approach.
On the day, you will participate in a full regular session:

  • Anamnesis
  • Half hour of conventional therapy in a private therapy room.
  • One hour of therapy assisted by the dolphin on the platform and in the water
  • Half hour training of daily living skills such as showering, changing, organizing
  • Session evaluation

During the evaluation, the person, parents or legal guardians will be informed about the session. How did it go? What conclusions can we draw? What are the possible benefits of a full program of dolphin assisted therapy at CDTC in the future?

Please contact us for availability!

  • Cost: US$ 450
  • This opportunity is available only once per interested individual
  • Individuals, parents or legal guardians must sign the required permission forms

Application in Steps


List of diagnoses
Because of our wealth of expertise in so many facets of dolphin therapy, the CDTC offers therapy for an extensive list of special needs and psychological conditions.
We have listed some of the areas in which we can help ..


After having discussed the program with your regular doctor or therapist, and received his/her approval, you can easily apply for the dolphin assisted therapy program at CDTC. There are several steps in the application process. We will analyse the patient's unique condition and help you make decisions.


Over the years several foundations have been established to provide financial support to patients and their families who wish to participate in the Dolphin Assisted Therapy Program in Curaçao.
On this page you will learn about the different foundations that are active in various regions in The Netherlands, Germany & the USA.