At CDTC we are all too aware of the importance of caring for our environment and the adverse effects that global pollution and waste can have on our wildlife. Day by day, we see first-hand just how dramatically it affects our marine ecosystems here on the island. Indeed, everyone must do their part to help, and here at the CDTC, we don’t hesitate to step up to the plate. As leaders in the effort to help save the environment in Curaçao, we have begun a number of initiatives in an effort to make a difference. Some of the projects that we have started include:

Designed with nature in mind!

  • The dolphins live in spacious lagoons that have a constant flow of fresh seawater and are as close as possible to their natural habitat.
  • Because of these natural lagoons, we do not consume or waste any water, or use any harmful chemicals.
  • All too aware of the damaging effects that cleaning products have on the environment and the marine ecosystem in our pools and aquariums, we make every effort to use organic cleaning products to protect the health of our dolphins and marine life.
  • Organic sunscreen products are used whenever possible so as to minimize the adverse effects on corals and fish.
  • We realize that energy and water resources are not inexhaustible, so we handle them with caution. We use solar boilers, LED lighting, water-saving showers, toilets and faucets.

Reduce, reuse, repurpose!

  • We are committed to separating and recycling waste on the island. Although local facilities are still limited in this area, we carry out our waste partially separated, in cooperation with Green Force.
  • We have an avid team of people who collect cans and drinking bottles to be recycled locally.
  • We make every attempt to repurpose materials either on site or at other locations.
  • We collect batteries that are periodically sent to the Netherlands to be recycled.

Education and awareness!

  • Every other week we give our visitors, (families), a presentation about dolphins, during which time we discuss the subject of environmental pollution to create greater awareness and motivation to join in efforts to reverse the effects of pollution around the globe.

We thank our visitors for believing in us and supporting our mission.

Our Blog

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Our unique therapy concept reflects the latest research in the field, and focuses on an outcome-oriented rehabilitation program that is customized to meet the individual needs of each patient.


We are proud to have an international team of therapists and psychologists, well trained in their field, who work together with CDTC’s therapy dolphins with a special focus on their unique characters. They are very well cared for in their natural environment. Together they work to raise the bar on standards in therapy.


The Curaçao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center has been designed to inspire people with special needs and their families and provide them with a home away from home. The center is located on an exclusive peninsula surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.