Accessibility & Care

Accessibility & Care

Is Curaçao fully accessible to wheelchair users?

Over the years Curacao has became more and more accessible for people in a wheelchair. The area surrounding the CDTC is Curaçao’s most accessible environment, so we would recommend a stay at the Dolphin Suites for anyone using a wheelchair. With the freedom to explore the area around the Curaçao Sea Aquarium and Mambo Beach, you won’t have to arrange any special transportation. And because the CDTC is located in the Sea Aquarium park, which is completely wheelchair accessible, you are just a moment away from the comfort and convenience of your handicapped accessible room.

Along the entire Mambo beach, you will find a wheelchair accessible walking path for a lovely beach walk. To easily enter the beach and the sea, Dolphin Suites offers beach wheelchairs for rent. From the Sea Aquarium Park, you can walk along the beach, to visit the marina, diving schools, restaurants and the  Mambo Beach Boulevard. The boulevard offers more than 40 shops, restaurants and bars and is easily accessible by wheelchair throughout the property with an elevator that takes you to different floors.

Planning a wheelchair accessible island tour? For information and bookings, please visit the reception desk at the Dolphin Suites.

Assistive Equipment
In case you need assistive equipment during your stay we recommend staying in Dolphin Suites. They supply assistive equipment to make your stay as pleasant as possible, bringing the comfort of your own home setting to Curaçao. In addition to the standard equipment in the rooms, such as an adapted toilet, shower chair and support bars in the bathroom, they are happy to make any further adjustments to help make your stay as comfortable as possible. A selection of different types of wheelchairs, adjustable beds, mattresses and medical equipment is available upon request at this hotel;

If you need professional nurse care during your stay in Curaçao we can recommend contacting the home care organization called Carin Cares. We have had a close working relationship with this company for many years and highly recommend their professional services. Carin, together with her highly experienced and dedicated team, offers tailor-made care, specialized babysit service for children with special needs and a personal alarm systems for an extra secure and comfortable feeling during your stay. Quality, continuity and thorough agreements is their priority. The care is performed by a small personalized team of registered nurses. They will arrange an estimated inventory of your care needs in advance, which we will then assess to put together a customized care plan for you. We recommend that you request a quotation in advance for the care needed during your stay, in order to submit it to your insurer before your departure. In most cases, this additional healthcare is reimbursed by your insurer.

For more information about the in-home care organization called Carin Cares, please refer to the following website:

Facility physician
CDTC has a facility physician, Dr. Da Costa Gomez, who is exclusively available to CDTC’s patients 24/7. Dr. Da Costa Gomez is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Spanish. Through close cooperation with our therapists, together with Dr. Da Costa Gomez, we strive for a safe and comfortable surroundings, regardless of whatever situation may arise.  We also work intensively with other partners-in-care on the island - such as general practitioners, specialists in the local hospital and other professionals, to provide you with as complete medical care as possible.

Dolphin Suites Hotel

We highly recommend the Dolphin Suites hotel, conveniently located at the entrance to the CDTC and Curaçao Sea Aquarium, it offers comfortable accommodations to people with and without special needs.