Our Dolphins

Our Dolphins

Our dolphins are the key to our program’s resounding success, and we consider them equal team members. That’s why we put our extraordinary focus on the wellbeing of our dolphins.

Bottlenose dolphins: a natural talent for therapy
The CDTC dolphins are Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins, and most of them are born at our facility more than 15 years ago or have come to Curaçao from the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences in Honduras. Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins are known for their gentleness, intuition, curiosity, eagerness to learn and to socialize with humans, - characteristics that make them perfect partners in therapy. A major part of the therapy income is designated on the wellbeing of our dolphins.

They work only in our therapy program
This elite group of dolphins are specifically in charge of CDTC’s program and participate only in therapy. They live in their natural environment in a constant flow of fresh seawater. The dolphins only participate in the therapy for a limited number of hours per day and are provided with a selective high-quality diet, in addition to which, CDTC has a specialized veterinarian on the premises.
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Dolphin therapy has long been regarded as an effective form of therapy that has helped to improve levels of cognition and mobility for people with a wide range of developmental, physical and emotional conditions.


Our unique therapy concept reflects the latest research in the field, and focuses on an outcome-oriented rehabilitation program that is customized to meet the individual needs of each patient.


The Curaçao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center has been designed to inspire people with special needs and their families and provide them with a home away from home. The center is located on an exclusive peninsula surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.