At CDTC, patients, parents, caretakers and therapists work together in order to continuously share their knowledge and insights. From the very beginning, during the intake anamnesis talk, they will get the opportunity to meet the  therapist and to extensively discuss the therapeutic approach, goals and expectations.

The relationship with the therapist will deepen on a daily basis as the program advances. There will be an evaluation meeting after each of the therapeutic sessions, with a great many discussions on the dynamics of the therapy, the patient’s progress and the caregiver’s or family’s role in the continuation of the rehabilitation process once you return home.

In many cases, the expertise of more than one therapist may be necessary. Perhaps the patient requires the work of a physical therapist but also seeks the advice of a speech therapist as well? Or perhaps other members of the family require the support of our in-house psychologist to discuss issues like sibling problems, sleeping disorders, partnership conflicts or anything thing else? Ample opportunities will be made available to you to take advantage of all of the professional expertise and resources that the CDTC has to offer. Our entire team is there for you.

Application in Steps


List of diagnoses
Because of our wealth of expertise in so many facets of dolphin therapy, the CDTC offers therapy for an extensive list of special needs and psychological conditions.
We have listed some of the areas in which we can help ..


After having discussed the program with your regular doctor or therapist, and received his/her approval, you can easily apply for the dolphin assisted therapy program at CDTC. There are several steps in the application process. We will analyse the patient's unique condition and help you make decisions.


Over the years several foundations have been established to provide financial support to patients and their families who wish to participate in the Dolphin Assisted Therapy Program in Curaçao.
On this page you will learn about the different foundations that are active in various regions in The Netherlands, Germany & the USA.