Recalling the Memories of How it All Began
– By Kirsten Kuhnert (Co-Founder of CDTC)

Everyone knows the term "time flies", but never before have I realized the truth that lies in it, than now in the light of the 15th anniversary of CDTC. And as I wandered... from the Dolphin Suites Hotel to the therapy center, I started traveling though time. I remember clearly the day when my phone rang at 10.00am o’clock and the display showing a totally unknown country code. The gentlemen on the other end was a stranger, from the other side of the ocean, at 5.00am in the morning, his time. Whoever the person was that gave him the number, did something very good. From that day on, we spoke often, mostly at 5.00am in the morning. And on a nice November day, I made my first step onto the island. Since that day, a lot has happened. “The stranger was Adriaan Schrier, popularly known as “Dutch”, and the vision that he explained to me so many years ago, has become a reality… and much more.”