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It is no small coincidence that CTDC, the leading dolphin assisted therapy center in the world, is located on the beautiful tropical island of Curaçao.

An inspiring place to stay

A key ingredient in the success of the program is the ability to relax and have fun! It is crucial that both the patient and the family/caregiver view the experience as a positive one, and even more so, if there is a perception of escaping from all the challenges of daily life back home… and this tiny island in the Caribbean, certainly delivers just that! Curaçao has everything that you could wish for on a tropical Caribbean island, with no shortage of white sandy beaches, waving palm trees and crystal-clear water. But it doesn’t stop there. It will dazzle you with its beautiful nature, rich and diverse culture, award-winning restaurants and vibrant nightlife. What separates us from other Caribbean destinations is our world-famous historical town center. With its colourful scenic waterfront captured in so many images, the entire city of Willemstad has been appointed a Unesco World Heritage site. There is certainly a lot to do and see on your visit to the island. But what makes Curaçao remain in the hearts of so many who visit, is the warm friendly people, all of whom are multilingual.

A reliable place to stay

Curaçao has a reliable level of medical expertise, The island’s infrastructure and telecommunications are top notch, and as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the political climate and currency are stable. Curaçao is situated outside of the hurricane belt and safe from any major natural disasters, and no special vaccinations are needed for visitors coming to the island. With daily flights to Europe, the U.S. and South America, home is never more than a day away.

A convenient place for therapy

CDTC’s location on the Curaçao’s south coast was chosen because of the spacious natural lagoons with calm crystal-clear water that are ideal for the dolphins,. With such a stunning setting, for many of our guests, just being here is already a relaxing experience. And that’s a great starting point for our therapy program.

Quick facts
• Curaçao is located in the Southern Caribbean, 50 km north of the South American coastline
• Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
• 444 km2/171.4m2
• Population 140.000
• Languages: Dutch, Papiamento, English, Spanish
• Currency: Antillean Guilder (bearing a fixed rate that is tied to the US dollar)
• Average temperature: 28ºC

Relax & Discover

If you’re visiting Curaçao for dolphin assisted therapy at CDTC, we highly recommend taking the opportunity to explore the island while you’re here. The CDTC center is located at the Curaçao Sea Aquarium in the Bapor Kibra area, directly on the water, with stunning vistas of the blue Caribbean Sea. Just a few footsteps away you will find the popular Mambo Beach Boulevard bustling with restaurants, bars and unique shops, featuring many of the items you might need to enjoy during your stay. The area is a treasure trove of things to do and see, all conveniently handicapped accessible:

Mambo Beach Boulevard area:
• A long and wide stretch of sandy beach, lined with palm trees, cabanas and beach chairs
• Various restaurants and beach clubs for people of all ages (Cabana, Mambo, Hemingway and more)
• Diving, boat trips and other water sports
• The Curaçao Sea Aquarium, arguably the island’s most popular tourist attraction
• A wide variety of beautiful hotels, including the ‘special-needs friendly’ Dolphin Suites hotel.

But…there is much more to explore on Curaçao!

Here are just a few highlights to open up your appetite:


Becoming a beach bum is a must on a Caribbean island, and Curaçao has plenty of beaches where you can kick back and relax. With that white sand and stunning blue water at every turn, it will be hard to choose from any of the 33 beaches on the island. But, some of the most family friendly ones that offer full services include Mambo Beach, Zanzibar and Blue Bay, (within 15min drive or less from CDTC), and Porto Mari and Cas Abao in the beautiful Banda Bou area, (30 – 45min drive from CDTC), but if you favor exploring some of the less commercialized beaches in Banda Bou, like Grote Knip, Klein Knip, Jeremi, Lagun and Playa Kalki you’ll find your adventure highly worthwhile. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Diving, snorkeling & other water sports

Curaçao’s underwater world is well reputed to be one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world. Famous for its diving and snorkeling, you will encounter a colorful experience full of tropical fish, turtles, corals and the occasional shipwreck. There are a huge selection of dive centers where you can take lessons or rent equipment, and snorkeling is an option for the less adventurous. There are other exciting activities for you to try like windsurfing, sailing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, sea kayaking and fishing.


One of the island’s most popular attractions is the Curaçao Sea Aquarium, which is located right next to CDTC. You can also visit the Ostrich Farm (the world’s largest outside of Africa, with over 600 ostriches), the scenic Boca Tabla and Christoffel Park areas on the rugged northern coast, and the historical downtown area, with its bustling waterfront at the Handelskade and floating pontoon bridge, called the Emma Bridge. This monumental area has been appointed to Unesco’s prestigious World Heritage List and is a great area for shopping and dining, or simply sipping a cool drink after exploring the many beautiful historic buildings as you meander through the narrow cobblestoned streets.

Dining & nightlife

Curaçao offers an incredible array of fine restaurants that offer everything from haute cuisine, to local ‘krioyo’ (creole) food, to Japanese sushi. The nightlife is equally varied, where you can either sip a cool cocktail at one of the relaxing beach bars, or sing Dutch songs at a karaoke bar, or dance to sizzling Cuban salsa at one of the local hotspots.

Historical & Culture

Curaçao is truly a Caribbean destination with a difference. In addition to the typical tropical attractions that you would expect on an island paradise, there is so much more to spark your interest and awaken the adventurous spirit. We recommend a few interesting and educational attractions that are off the beaten path and perfect for all ages, but are nevertheless easy to navigate and handicapped accessible.

The following attractions provide full wheelchair access:
Aloe Vera Plantation
Ostrich Farm
Island Tour East & West (Wheelchair bus)
City Trip (wheelchair bus)
Making your own ‘Wheelchair’ Chichi figurine

And so much more…
Curaçao is relaxing, but never boring. There is always something to do. What about a jeep safari? A mountain biking trip? A massage at the spa? A round of golf? A concert by an international artist? There’s always something for everyone.

Dolphin Suites Hotel

(text added) We highly recommend the Dolphin Suites hotel, conveniently located at the entrance to the CDTC and Curaçao Sea Aquarium, it offers comfortable accommodations to people with and without special needs.