Travel Assistants

Travel Assistants

The organization, preparations and the actual departure to Curaçao requires a lot of energy. Often there are special requirements that must be requested from the airline and the accommodation.

For tailored travel advice and optimal support during and after booking your trip, we recommend contacting Monique te Boekhorst. Monique is a personal travel consultant who herself participated in the Dolphin Therapy Program with her son in the past. For years she has been organizing the trip and accommodation for numerous families who participate in our program. This relieves families of an enormous burden.

Please feel free to contact Monique for more information:

M: +31 06-11950524

Experience Curaçao

It is no small coincidence that CTDC, the leading dolphin assisted therapy center in the world, is located on the beautiful tropical island of Curaçao. This Island is selected as the best location for our dolphins providing the ability to live in their natural habitat and for its high standards in medical care. Furthermore the Island has very welcoming elements as an addition to the therapy program.